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Educators can use STEMovation through new resources and activities. Each activity will come with a lesson plan created for educators that will include Ontario Curriculum Expectations, grade levels, difficulty, modification, and resources catered to complete each activity.

Each activity during our events and in our STEM To-Go Kits are aligned with the Ontario Curriculum. If you would like to know more about these curriculum connections and how you can do them with your own class, follow the links below to see the list of all our activities.

Some transferable skills that are high in demand in today’s society developed through STEM education include:​

  • computational thinking

  • coding

  • design thinking

  • innovating

  • use of the scientific method

  • scientific inquiry skills

  • engineering design skills

  • critical thinking and problem solving

  • innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship

  • self-directed learning

  • collaboration

  • communication

  • global citizenship and sustainability

  • digital literacy

Take a look at our resource bank filled with STEM related games, activities, resources, and lesson plans!

Bubble Art

Grade(s): PreSchool - Kindergarden

Curriculum AreaDemonstrating Literacy and Mathematics Behaviours (DLMB), Problem Solving and Innovating (PSI)

Note: This is taken from The Kindergarten Program (2016).

Create a solution to make bubbles.

Growing Crystals


Grade(s): Grade 4

Curriculum Area: Earth Science

Create crystals using salt and look closely at molecules.

Plant Pets


Grade(s): Grade 3

Curriculum Area: Life Systems

Create a plant pet and learn about the parts of a plant, their needs to survive, and the life cycle of a plant.

Ooey Gooey Ooblek


Grade(s): 2

Curriculum AreaMatter and Energy

Create Ooblek and observe the structure it takes 

Paper Planes


Grade(s): Grade 6

Curriculum Area: Structures and Mechanisms

Create paper planes and learn about the forces of flight.

Get Involved!

Do you want to get your school involved with our STEMovation events? Send an email to with the following information.​ 

  • Full Name of Educator

  • Email and Phone Number

  • School

  • Address of school

  • Grade level of school (ex. KG - Grade 6)

  • Approximately how many students are in your school

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