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About STEMovation

STEMovation is an initiative that brings free, hands-on, and in-community STEM outreach events to children and their families in the Waterloo Region. STEMovation focuses on inclusive and engaging STEM programming that is culturally and linguistically responsive. By reducing barriers that children may face in accessing high quality extracurricular STEM programming, we can create a space for family members to participate in and support their children’s STEM learning. Through this work, we have an opportunity to better understand how parents, caregivers, and extended family members can influence the development of their children’s STEM identity.


We provide: 

  • free STEM outreach events at school sites in the Waterloo Region for elementary age students and their families

  • an online portal with free STEM activities and resources

  • Twitter
  • Instagram

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Educators can use STEMovation by accessing lesson plans, resources and activities. Each activity comes with a curriculum-aligned lesson plan that has been piloted at STEMovation in 2023.

Families can use STEMovation by accessing resources and activities on our website. Families are encouraged to participate in these activities and experiments with their students.

Students can use STEMovation by accessing resources and activities on our website. Each activity comes with extensions and extra resources to encourage self-directed learning.

Project Leads

Avis and Jennifer are Assistant Professors at Wilfrid Laurier University in the Faculty of Education.

Avis Beek
Project Lead of STEMovation

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Jennifer M. Straub.jpeg

Jennifer Straub
Project Lead of STEMovation

Join STEMovation!

If you are a Laurier student, please reach out to Dr. Avis Beek if you are interested in getting involved as a STEMovation facilitator in 2024.

What Our Clients Say

STEMovation takes a family focus because the families are a key influencer in boosting children’s confidence in STEM and raising their interest to pursue higher education and careers in these fields.  

Dr. Avis Beek, STEMovation Project Lead

From beginning to end this was a worthwhile and well attended event! The families loved all of the activities and we had full attendance throughout which showed how engaging the activities were.



It has been an absolute privilege to see the incredible impact STEMovation has had on students and their families. STEMovation has helped me grow as a teacher candidate by providing me with on the ground experience addressing inequities in education. My teaching practice has been transformed by seeing the power this type of learning can have on students and families. 

Kiara Daw, STEMovation Project Manager

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