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Plant Pets

STEM To-Go Activity

Create a plant pet and learn about the parts of a plant, their needs to survive, and the life cycle of a plant.



  • Clear Cup

  • Soil (1 cup)

  • Googly Eyes (1 pair)

  • Observation Log

  • Seeds (Plant Species: Red Clover)

  • Water

  • A sunny location

  • Marker

  • Spoon

Activity Instructions

1. Attach the Googly Eyes onto the cup. 2. Draw a face on the cup! 3. Empty your soil into the cup. 4. Sprinkle the seeds on top of the soil. Cover with a thin layer of soil. Add 3 spoonfuls of water. 5. Record the data in the Observation Log.

6. Add 1 spoonful of water every day.

Tip: Move your Plant Pet near a window to make sure your Plant Pet is growing!

Tip: Make sure to observe the process! You might be able to see the roots against the side of your cup!

The Science Behind It All

What do plants need to grow?

Water: Water helps move nutrients from the soil into the plant. Sunlight: Plants use light energy to make a type of sugar called glucose. They use glucose as their energy source. Air: Plants take carbon dioxide from the air, and use it to make glucose. Soil: Plants use soil to get the nutrients it needs to grow.

Play the video to see how your plant will grow!

What are the parts of a plant?

What is the life cycle of a plant?

Activity Sheet

Observation Log


Extra Resources


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